Wellness Within gets some much appreciated support...

Created by Patty McElwain on 09/25/2014 10:00 am

A Great big thanks to those who attended our 4th annual “Wellness Within Gala”…this year’s event brought in upward of $70,000.  All the funds raised will help grow the Wellness Within center that offers services to cancer patients and their families; such as counseling, nutrition, relaxation, meditation, yoga, nature walks and expressive arts such as photography and journaling…and did we mention the services are free!

The Gala was well-planned, down to the smallest of details - and there were sooooo many details!  We had several local restaurants, wineries & breweries, a silent & live auction, comedian Milt Able (so funnnny!) and the best MC ever; Doug Brauner of “The Car Czar Show”.

Thanks again for supporting this amazing cause and if you missed this year’s event hopefully you can join us next year!!!

A walk in a different park...

Created by Russ Mindt on 09/19/2014 02:00 pm

September 19, 2014 is International Park(ing) Day, where groups came together to build a parklet in a city parking space. This year we teamed up with Dreyfuss and Blackford to create a giant tetris-themed parklet in front of LowBrau, part of the MARRS building in downtown Sacramento. Visitors could hang out in the foam lounge pieces loaned to us by Miles Treaster & Associates, and try to beat the high score on the life-size Tetris game created by Steven Colasanti. Talk about parking karma...

Thanks for helping to make a difference !!!

Created by Scott Kelly on 02/01/2013 12:00 pm

A very warm thank you to everyone who donated to our Red Kettle drive this Holiday Season.  We didn't quite make it to our goal but its safe to say that $3,160 will make a big difference in a number of lives.

Thanks again... Next year we're going to clear $5,000 !!!

3-2-1 Kaboom !!!

Created 10/06/2012 05:00 pm

Did you ever see a playground created in 6 hours ???  

Well, here's your chance...

More than 200 volunteers joined forces on October 6, to build a new playground at The Salvation Army E. Claire Raley Transitional Living Center in Sacramento. The new playground’s design is based on drawings created by children throughout the community who participated in a Design Day event in August.

“This is an incredible playground for the children in this program,” said Major Ray Yant, Salvation Army Sacramento County Coordinator. “I’m thankful that so many came out on their own free time to volunteer and make this playground a reality.”

The Transitional Living Center is a 34-unit complex, which allows homeless families to stay from six months to two years. The new playground will provide children living with their families at the facility with a safe place to play. Prior to the project, the children play in the Transitional Living Center’s parking lot because they did not have a playground to enjoy.

Many residents from the program took a hands-on approach to the playground project, participating in the planning committee and the actual construction of the playground.  “Just to see the community come together with the blood, sweat and tears to make this happen is amazing,” said Greg, a program participant of the Transitional Living Center. “There have been times where it seems we haven’t been a community, but to see this come together gets me excited. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

original story by Syd Fong, The Salvation Army

Dimples drops by on Shriners Kids Day...

Created 10/02/2012 10:00 am

Our favorite clown dropped by for a visit as part of the Shriners 16th annual Kids-Day. Dimples loves kids and we love helping him and the Shriners in their mission to provide free medical care to children in need.

The story of Shriners Hospitals began more than 80 years ago with the dream of providing free medical care to children with polio, club foot, absence of limbs and other orthopaedic conditions. When the first Shriners Hospital opened in 1922, the medical landscape was much different - polio was a national concern, there was no such thing as managed care, and not all families could afford to go to the doctor.

Shriners Hospitals have been a dream come true for thousands of families whose children suffered from the crippling effects of polio and other orthopaedic ailments. Hospital archives are filled with triumphant accounts of children who regained the ability to walk, and the independence and skills needed to lead active, productive lives.

Over the years, the Shriners gift of free care has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and provided doctors and scientists with opportunities to advance medicine through collaborative teaching and research.



Read more here: more here:

2011 Earth Day Electronics Recycling Event

Created by Phil Wonders on 04/15/2011 08:00 am

For those of you with old, unused, broken electronics that need to get out of your garage, check out THE 2011 EARTH DAY ELECTRONICS RECYCLING EVENT being held at Cal Expo and put together by SIMS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS.

You will be helping generate a donation to the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity.

Where: Cal Expo

1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815

When: Earth Day, April 22nd;

6:00AM - 7:00PM

Items Accepted: TVs, monitors, computers, laptops, printers, speakers, keyboards, mice, PDA's, radios, stereos, MP3 players, DVD/CD players, VCR, cell phones, CPUs, servers, and hard drives

Items Not Accepted: No household appliances, batteries, microwaves, toner/ink cartridges, cans, and bottles.


For more info, check out...



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Let's Help Miyamoto International Help The People of Japan

Created by Robert Boucher on 04/22/2011 09:00 am

Kit Miyamoto unveils a new nonprofit organization to help save lives before and after disasters worldwide. Learn more about the upcoming event here.

Dan and Britani Roy make a difference for Sacramento families

Created 12/21/2010 04:00 pm

Sacramento volunteers help Salvation Army help families 
By Loretta Kalb, Sacramento Bee

So he joined Monday in the effort with three friends and 11 family members.

As the cars rolled by and friends carted a box of food to each, Koppert, 21, talked about his need to participate.

"I came because I feel like it's the month of giving," said the Folsom Lake Community College student. "I do some good, make myself happy, and make others happy, put smiles on faces." He's been volunteering for this program since age 12, when a family member encouraged him to get involved.

About 150 volunteers from throughout the region were on hand. Some stood in the chill to carry the boxes of food that included frozen chickens, dry goods and ingredients for side dishes such as potatoes and stuffing.

Inside, where the bags of toys were lined neatly in rows, other volunteers checked for the basics: one main toy for each child, plus stocking stuffers, said Salvation Army spokesman Syd Fong.

In addition to the thousands of families expected to show up Monday, the Salvation Army is providing food and toys to the California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department for distribution to 1,650 more families.

"We are really trying to serve the neediest people of Sacramento County," said David G. Bentley, Sacramento County coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Eligible families must fall below certain income levels to qualify as recipients. Those who arrived at Cal Expo brought the necessary paperwork.

Among the recipients was Beth DeWitt of Sacramento, whose friends drove her to Cal Expo so she could collect the items that would make her holiday at home with grandsons ages 4 and 2 a little brighter. Without this event, said the woman, "It would just be a little harder."

It was that recognition of hardship and need that moved many volunteers.

"I think it's a good idea to help out people who don't have gifts or money to afford them," said 16-year-old Brandon Herron, a senior at Natomas High School.

Herron started volunteering four years ago via his involvement with the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, he said. He said he hopes after college to go into law enforcement.

"I feel good helping people," Herron added. "It makes me feel grateful for what I have." 

It was Britani Roy's first time Monday volunteering for the annual Salvation Army event. The 16-year-old student at Woodcreek High School in Roseville was accompanying her father, Dan Roy, 44.

Together, they were checking bags for the needed assortment of toys and stocking stuffers. Being there was "cool," she said, and the extent of the need was eye-opening.

"It surprises me," Britani Roy said. "There are so many bags."


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