Rock, Chalk, Jayshock

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Wow !!!  They don’t call it March Madness for nothing…

Imagine a sports bar in Lawrence, Kansas where rooting for the Jayhawks deep into the tournament is a birthright.  Speaking of Big XII powerhouses, Baylor and Iowa State fans are suddenly thinking about spring football instead of their three seeds.  I suppose Virginians are a little less “cavalier” this week and how about the City of Brotherly love where their number one seeded Villanova Wildcats got to start Spring Break a little early.  That can’t sit well in the town that boos Santa Claus.

It’s safe to say that there were “shockers” beyond those playing for Wichita State.  How about Herb Knieriem who jumped 22 places on Sunday to take over the top spot on our Leaderboard !!!  Herb is a bracketology veteran who is hoping that Kentucky can help him go from payer to player.  Megan Eschleman is up to her old tricks.  The pride of Penn State is making her husband look bad and with Kentucky and 384 possible points she is the favorite in the clubhouse.

The top 5 is rounded out by pool newcomer and fast pitch softball guru Joe Jaquez, self-acclaimed basketball expert Greg “Hoops” Uding and the irrepressible sports non-enthusiast Robert Boucher.  Let’s just say that if Duke or Arizona cuts down the nets Joe or Robert will be buying.

So on we go…  Can Kentucky complete a perfect season ???  Can Gonzaga or Wisconsin go on a run that turns things upside down ???  Can the Fighting Irish take intern Saagar Yadev from obscurity to celebrity ???  Who will step forward to become the 2015 Master of March Madness…

The Madness is back...

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It's that time again !!!  The bracket is set and it's time for the Master of March Madness to step forward...  Are you ready to dance ???  If you are here are the links that you'll need to be part of the fun:

2015 Tournament Information Sheet

  • See how to enter...
  • Check out the prizes...
  • Get access to the Comishes' private email...

2015 Pick 'em Page

  • Grab your name from the pull-down menu and make your picks...

2015 Master of March Madness Webpage

  • Check the Leader Board...
  • Take a look at other players brackets...
  • Once the Sweet 16 is set, view tournament projections and player scenarios...

Last but not least, you can come back to this page to get tournament news and to do a little trash talkin' along the way.  GOOD LUCK !!!

The 2014 Race for the Porker is on...

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Hello football fans and welcome to the home of the 2014 Race for the Porker !!! This is your one stop shop for scores, statistics and smack talk. Everything you need to know is one click away...

The Tournament Scoreboard      The Pick 'Em Page      The Rules

Week No 5

Cain Dwyer of Rampart Enterprises was our Week 5 winner. Cain deftly picked 14 winners this week for the highest weekly win total yet this year. His only glitch was the surprise the Panthers gave Da Bears. He did, however, take the Bills to win in Detroit – good call.

George Osborne still leads the pack and I’m sure he is getting nervous, to long at the top will start to haunt you.  

You should notice a change in the season’s standings and accordingly, your win total for the year. That’s right sports fan’s, we are now calculating the standings taking into account your free gift – the ever popular “Bye Week”.  Your worst week has been thrown out, counting only your best of the last 4 weeks. For some of you I know this is a blessing.

Week No 4

Well, we are a quarter of the way through the season sports fans and George Osborne has somehow risen to the top of the heap. George leads the pack with 40 wins, but there are 11 hungry pigskin pickers within 3 games and right on his heels.

Julia Gahagan who happens to be the reigning “Master of March Madness” was our winner for week 4. She beat out Terry Green (Williams + Paddon Architecture) and Kris Jensen (IT Wizard) in the tie-breaker with a total of 44 points. It would have been nice if the Patriots had showed up, but you can’t count on any sure bets this year.

Week 5 is loaded and ready 

Week No 3

Week 3 had four players going into MNF tied at 12 wins.  Jessica Mindt and Steve Sopinski took the Bears while Pat Shurnas and Pat Derickson were riding with the Jets. As crazy as this year has been so far and surprisingly, the favored Bears came out on top.

Jessica and Steve “just happened” to both use 44 points as their tiebreaker and seeing as we don’t like to complicate thing they will split the pot. It doesn’t happen very often, but that’s what makes it fun – everybody wins – except the sad and sorry Jets (guess who took the Jets)

Week four is loaded and ready  Good Luck this week as we approach the quarter point of the season.

Week No 2

Week 2 is in the books and George Osborne came out on top. Hard to believe he could pick that many winners during a chaotic weekend.

Have you ever seen so many “sure bets” fall to the underdogs?  Come On Man!!! Seattle, New Orleans, SF and of course my Steelers all fell victim to the 2nd half blues.

To answer last weeks questions. No the 49ers are not “that” good, Yes the Cowboys are “that” bad – they just got lucky, KC is not quite a “flash in the pan” but their not going anywhere and No, New England should not panic.

Pick Wisely...

Week No. 1

Congratulations to Paul Eblen who jumped on top with a win in Week 1.  Bryan Hansen and Robert Boucher are tied atop the Season leader board with 12 wins but Paul edeged them out in the MNF tie-breaker.

Are the 49ers that good ???  Are the Cowboys that bad ???  Was Kansas City a flash in the pan ???  Should New England panic ???

On we go...

The Master leaves no doubt...

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This one was never in doubt...  After going 16 for16 on Day 1 Julia Gahagan had Mercer over Duke on Day 2 and it was all over but the shouting.

Looking at the big board its obvious that hubby Tyler was looking over Julia's shoulder, staying within eye sight of the lead and finishing 2nd.  Cain Dwyer, Patty McElwain and Dave Garese finished 3rd through 5th respectively but none of them were able to break through the 500 point plateau which will forever be known as the "Gahagan Line". 

This year was full of firsts as for the first time ever not one player picked the eventual champion.  Truth is that not one player had a team in the championship game...  Go figure.

At any rate we hope you had fun again this year and remember, the NFL season is just around the corner !!!

The Comishes

It's time for the Master of March Madness

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It's that time again !!!  The bracket is set and it's time for the Master of March Madness to step forward...  Are you ready to dance ???  If you are here are the links that you'll need to be part of the fun:

2014 Tournament Information Sheet

  • See how to enter...
  • Check out the prizes...
  • Get access to the Comishes' private email...

2014 Pick 'em Page

  • Grab your name from the pull-down menu and make your picks...

2014 Master of March Madness Webpage

  • Check the Leader Board...
  • Take a look at other players brackets...
  • Once the Sweet 16 is set, view tournament projections and player scenarios...

Last but not least, you can come back to this page to get tournament news and to do a little trash talkin' along the way.  GOOD LUCK !!!

Ascent Indoor Soccer - Final Update

Created 12/13/2013 12:00 am

The Ascent indoor soccer season has come to a close. Though we finished a mere 1-7 a great time was had by all and we improved leaps and bounds as a team in the end. Next time we will look at being in a less competitive league!as

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us! 

Ascent NFL Pick Em' - We Have A Winner!

Created 12/30/2013 12:00 am

Russ Mindt and Kris Jensen split the pot for week 17 with 15 wins and the same tie-breaker.

Russ Mindt is the grand champion this year with 169 points. Kris Jensen, Heather Killmer, Patty McElwain and Cliff Moore round out the top 5. Thanks to everyone for playing!

The year-end party will be at Ascent Builders on Monday, January 6th at 4:30 PM. We will have pizza, beer and the BCS Championship game on the big screen as Florida State takes on Auburn. Please let Russ Mindt know if you are coming at

Final standings and reports can be found here.

Season Standings Top 5

1. Russ Mindt

2. Kris Jensen

3. Heather Killmer

4. Patty McElwain

4. Cliff Moore

Weekly Winners

Week 17 – Russ Mindt/Kris Jensen

Week 16 – Cain Dwyer

Week 15 – Jennifer Mills

Week 14 – Dave Garese

Week 13 – Russ Mindt

Week 12 – Jennifer Mills

Week 11 – Pat Shurnas

Week 10 – Heather Killmer

Week 9 – Jennifer Mills

Week 8 – Herb Knieriem

Week 7 – Anthony Roy

Week 6 – Dwaine Gonzales

Week 5 – Nick Docous

Week 4 – Colin Hoyt

Week 3 – Dave Garese

Week 2 – Greg Martin

Week 1 – Scott Kelly

ABI Survivor Pool - Week 13 Recap

Created 10/15/2013 12:00 am

And we have a winner for round 3! We had 4 people sign up for the inaugural .500 or below round 3 and it was over in a week.

Pat Shurnas is the lone survivor again for round 3. Pat took Baltimore to beat Pittsburgh while everyone else took Cleveland to beat Jacksonville.

We are not going to have a round 4 due to time. Thanks to all that played and I hope to see everyone play again next year!


Round 1 – Mike Seegert

Round 2 – Pat Shurnas

Round 3 – Pat Shurnas

Evidently this year's Porker participants are serious...

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If Week 1 is any indication its going to be one heck of a Race for the Porker !!!

It’s hard to believe but we had 12 players with a dozen wins, 7 with 11 W’s a piece and another 10 players just 2 games off the lead with 10 victories.  That’s 29 players in double digits for the week and that constitutes an all-time record for average wins.

Commissioner Kelly won the tie-breaker by accurately predicting the shoot-out in San Diego and getting onto the money list.  Let the rumors of hanky-panky in the league office begin… 

Are you ready for some football...

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It’s time for the 10th Annual Race for the Porker !!!

Wondering how to play… follow this link to the 2013 Tournament Rules.  Wondering how to make picks… here’s a link to our Pick ‘Em Page.  Wondering how we keep score… here a link to the Ascent NFL Home Page where you can get real-time results throughout the season.

So there’s only one question left…  Are you in ???  Click here to let us know that you’re a player baby !!!  Click here if you want us to put you down as a no.

So here’s to a great Fall and a great football season !!!

The Comishes

It's time for the Master of March Madness to emerge...

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Cinderella is at the dance and her name is Florida Gulf Coast...

That's right.  In a year of upsets nothing can quite compare to FGC's run to the Sweet 16.  That's not to say that Witchita State's win over Gonzaga or LaSalle's win over Mississippi weren't impressive, they were.  It's a shame that one of them has to go when the meet up this week.  Still, who among you had ever heard of the FGC Eagles ???  Well, the Hoyas and Aztecs have now...

Meanwhile George Osborne sits atop of our leader board with 394 points and a Louisville team that looks like it has what it takes to win it all.  Robert Boucher (Florida) and Rod Johnson (Duke) are clearly close enough to win the title if their championship game picks pan out.  Patty McElwain made a nice run to the 4th spot but she and Gonzaga won't be around when the tournament arrives in Atlanta.

If you're looking for a dark horse you would have to consider Russ Mindt, Joe Eschleman and John Buckel who are hoping to sneak in the back door with Miami, Duke or Indiana.

Onward we go...

How do you spell madness ???     H-A-R-V-A-R-D

George Osborne rode Cal and Oregon to a small lead at the end of day 1.  Beyond those two picks he played things pretty close to the vest but wins by the two #12 seeds gave him 48 points and a slight lead over Rod Johnson.  Rod had both of those games right but he got greedy, picking Akron to shock VCU.  When the smoke cleared VCU had a record margin of victory and Goerge had the lead.

Steve Thinglum took it on the chin losing New Mexico from his Great Eight and Bucknell from his Final Four.  

The Master of March Madness Leader Board

Player Picks

Tournament Rules

Pay using your Pay Pal account  (Note: Send $25 to  Select the friends and family option.)

Pizza & Pucks

Created by Tyler Gahagan on 02/04/2013 04:00 pm

Every year during the hockey season, Ascent Builders' families & friends enjoy a night in Stockton to watch some minor league hockey (in one of our superintendents' case, his family and everyone else he knew within a 100 mile radius. Lynol, I'm looking at you.). The night always starts off with some pizza and drinks at Mr. D's Pizza & Sports Pub, which is conveniently located a few blocks from the arena.

This year we saw the Stockton Thunder (Edmonton Oilers affiliate) play the San Francisco Bulls (San Jose Sharks affiliate). If you were a Thunder Fan the night went pretty well, as they jumped off to an early lead scoring the first two goals within 23 seconds of each other. After that, the Bulls couldn't come back, and the Thunder prevailed in a 5-2 victory.

Whichever side you were rooting for, it was a fun night of company bonding. Shoot Tyler a call if you're interested in attending next year. we always have associates of Ascent along for the fun and the more the merrier. Click here to jump to our photo gallery and take a look at some snaps...

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Pigskin Picking Champion

Created by Russ Mindt on 01/16/2013 04:00 pm

What a football season it was. After 17 weeks of battling for the top spot, Vince Bernacchi of Schetter Electric came out on top and claimed the Ascent Builders Perpetual Pigskin Picking Prize. It was a pretty good battle to the end. Vince fought it out with Larry McElwain (2nd place), Cliff Moore (3rd place)  and Scott Kelly (tied for 4th) who were all in the top spot at various times during the season. Rounding out the top finishers were Steve Humason and Dave Edwards who finished tied with Scott. We had over 40 players this year and it's always tough to make just the right pick each week to differentiate yourself from the pack, but Vince did an outstanding job holding on to the top spot in the final weeks.

On a side note - The Steelers still are the only team with 6 Super Bowl trophies - I'm just saying.

Second Annual Car Show - Great Success

Created by Robert Boucher on 10/02/2012 03:00 pm

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday for our second annual car show. We had a great showing with lots of variety. Dan Roy did a great job with the tri-tip and Colin Hoyt may have a future as a bartender if the construction thing doesn't work out. Take a look at some of the photos here.

Car Show Coming Soon

Created by Robert Boucher on 09/07/2012 11:00 am

The car show is on September 29th. Check out the flyer HERE.

The Master of March Madness pays us a visit...

Created by Scott and Russ on 05/02/2012 06:00 pm

Look who showed up at our place...  That smile and that check both belong to interior designer Becky Davis, the 2012 Master of March Madness.

Becky was in town to walk the Kroc Center but she made time to stop by collect her winnings and pose with the Stephen Perry trophy.  

It's the Big Dance baby !!!

Created by The Comishes on 04/03/2012 10:00 am

The Final 4

It came down a dream match-up of two of the most storied programs in college basketball history with Kentucky's young guns were just too much for a game group of Jayhawks,  After winning what was arguably a bigger game against in-state rival Louisville, Kentucky was played a spectacular first half and a serviceable second half to claim their 9th National Championship.

Becky Davis, the pride of BRS Architects and the University of Nebraska, followed up a strong 2011 performance with a convincing 2012 victory and her name has been added to the Master of March Madness trophy.  Ryan Shope held off Tyler Gahagan for 2nd place while Courtney Wetsell and Scott Kelly rounded out the money list. 

Thanks again to all 26 Bracketologists for another great tournament !!!

Sweet 16 / Great 8

... and then there were 4.  Kentucky vs Louisville in an in-state rivalry that may be as big as the tournament for some.  Kansas vs Ohio State in a battle of the bigs, Big 10 vs Big 12.  (Never mind the fact that neither conference has the right number of teams)

In our little test of skills we have a new leader in the Clubhouse...  Becky Davis, who was in the money last year, slowly worked her way up the Leader Board and will spend the week with a view from the top.  Tyler Gahagan clawed his way into second place followed by Paul Eblen and Ryan Shope.  On the other hand, we can't divide up the money yet because we have 8 possible scenarios and the "Fab Four" will be broken up in all of them.

The truth is that the Master of march Madness has come down to two... Herb Knienem and Becky Davis.  Herb has all of his chips on those Kansas Jayhawks while Becky will take the prize if anyone but Kansas cuts down the nets in New Orleans.  If you want to know where you stand take a look at the Player Scenario Report.

The road to the final 4 has come to an end.  Now let's see who wins it all...

Round of 32

Well Saturday and Sunday didn't disappoint as we narrowed the field to 16.   Buckeyes, Bobcats, Musketeers and Bearcats...  That's four, count 'em four, teams from the Great State of Ohio.  Forget the November elections, Ohio has become the "Swing State" for this tournament.

Paul (Orange) Eblen remains on top of the Leader Board with David (Go Gators) Garese and Herb (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) Knieriem right behind him.  Beware... Ryan Shope and Kris Jensen are hanging around the top and both Kentucky and NC State have looked VERY strong.

On to the Sweet 16 we go !!!

Round of 64 -- Day 2

If you had Lehigh or Norfolk State you're a genius or you're completely nuts.  Either way, your bracket would be smokin' hot !!!  

The "madness" took over on Day 2 and so did Kris Jensen, rising to the top of the Leader Board in spite of his beloved BYU Cougars bowing out.  Paul Eblen and Ryan Shope are close behind but Mizzou's early exit could come back to haunt all three of our leaders.

If you make it through today with your Final Four in tact you'll be in pretty good shape to see some winnings...

Round of 64 -- Day 1

Well, we're off...  It was a quiet first day by Madness standards with only two mild upsets...  Colorado and VCU advanced but the first day belonged to the selection committee.  Will day two follow suit  ???  Did you pick the big upset or did you play it close to the vest ??? Remember, in our pool it's not only how many games you win it's which games you win !!!

Congrats to Steve Humason and Paul Stukas for taking a lead into the clubhouse. Click here to check the Leader Board.  


It's hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing some "expert" filling out their bracket.  Even Barak Obama had an ESPN special to let the world know that he's got North Carolina winning it all.  As far as our picks go it looks like Kentucky is the popular choice.

More to come...

Click here to get more tournament information....

It's time for the Master of March Madness to step forward...

Created by The Comishes on 03/26/2011 07:00 pm

Are you ready ???  It's almost time to dust off your bracket and get in the big dance baby !!!

If you'd like to be the Master of March Madness click here to email the Comishes. You can also click here to access the Pick 'em Page, the Master of March Madness Scoreboard and our update page..  Here's a look at the complete 2012 Men's Bracket.

Here’s our scoring system…

  • Round of 64             Winner’s Seed x 2 pts                   (each game)
  • Round of 32             Winner’s Seed x 4 pts                   (each game)
  • Sweet 16                 Winner’s Seed x 8 pts                   (each game)
  • Elite 8                     Winner’s Seed x 16 pts                  (each game)
  • Final 4                     Winner’s Seed x 24 pts                 (each game)
  • The Final                 Winner’s Seed x 32 pts

Note -- Our pool does not include the play-in games.  We will start with the final 64 teams and go from there.

A portion of the entry fee will go towards the awards party and the rest will go into the pot.  The bigger the pool gets the bigger the pay-out…

  • 1st Prize 40% of the pot
  • 2nd Prize 30% of the pot
  • 3rd Prize 15% of the pot
  • 4th Prize 10% of the pot
  • 5th Prize 5% of the pot

The 2012 Pigskin Picking Prize is awarded

Created by The Comishes on 12/15/2011 07:00 pm

After 17 weeks and more than 240 games we had a first...  The Race for the porker ended up in a tie with Dave Lindquist and Scott Kelly both amassing 170 wins. Perhaps more impressively Steve Humason and George Osborne were deadlocked with 169 wins a piece. In fact we had 12 different pickers finishing with ten games of the top this year.

As always, the Comishes would like to thank everyone who played, especially those who thew in a little trash talking along the way...

The Oakland A's might be the better team in the Bay this year...

Created by Phil Wonders on 03/31/2011 02:15 pm

It's TRUE. For those of you few true Giants fans and the many, many jump on the bandwagoners; keep your eye out for the team across the Bay. The Oakland A's are poised to steal the thunder from the Giants this season. I would like to cite a recent article from the Sacramento Bee

Unless the Giants regain their hops and their health, they might not even be the best baseball team in the Bay Area. Don't laugh. Could happen. That's what the team in Oakland is quietly pitching, by the way.

That being said. Go A's...

Super Bowl Proves Traumatic for Preconstruction Guru

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/09/2011 08:56 am

It's not clear what's worse for Russ - Watching his beloved Steelers lose to Green Bay or having to make good on his bet with Dan by donning the rival colors. Russ did say that he'd rather wear the cheese than have to "eat some of the nasty stuff". For those who don't know, Russ would rather take a bullet than eat cheese. Crazy.

Ascent NFL Week No. 17

Created by The Comishes on 12/30/2010 10:00 pm


1/3 @ 8:30  Congrats to Chris Lewis who picked 14 games to win Week No. 17.  Here are the results fo the week...

Patty McElwain held on to 2nd place with Dan Roy and Chris Simas edging out Commissioner Mindt for the last of the money spots.  You can check out complete results here.

12/30   Though the Porker Prize is all sown up for the year the rest of the money slots are still very much in play. Going into this weeks action at least 7 and maybe as many as 11 players are still in the hunt.

Will Patty "Billie Jean King" McElwain be able to hold off the men and hold on to second place ???  Can Russ hold off the trio of players (including his son-in-law) who trail him by 1 ???  Can George Osborne recover from a Week 16 stumble to climb back into the money ???  Will a dark horse run the table and leapfrog their way into some cash ???

We'll be publishing the final standings and coordinating this year's end of season party on Monday so keep an eye out for details !!!

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