Getting to know Dreyfuss & Blackford

Created by Scott Kelly on 02/10/2011 04:00 pm

The latest stop on our "we'll bring the food" tour was at the offices of Dreyfuss and Blackford.

It all started with a book club... at least Robert Boucher and Peter Saucerman's friendship started that way.  More recently we all met Kris Barkley at our AIA mixer and that got the ball rolling.

It's always fun to meet new people and to get their perspective on what's going and on where we may be heading.  Our thanks to John. Peter. Kris, Courtney and Jason for opening up their home (inside joke) to us.

Super Bowl Proves Traumatic for Preconstruction Guru

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/09/2011 08:56 am

It's not clear what's worse for Russ - Watching his beloved Steelers lose to Green Bay or having to make good on his bet with Dan by donning the rival colors. Russ did say that he'd rather wear the cheese than have to "eat some of the nasty stuff". For those who don't know, Russ would rather take a bullet than eat cheese. Crazy.


Created by Robert Boucher on 02/16/2011 09:00 am

This is one of the better non-fiction books I've read recently. I heartily recommend this one!

Here's one of the many reviews:

[Laurence Gonzales's] science is accurate, accessible, up-to-date and insightful. An extremely good book. -- Robert Sapolsky, author of Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers  

The Latest from John Irving

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/01/2011 02:20 pm

Last Night In Twisted River is a fascinating story about a family that spans about five decades. I definitely recommend this one.

Irish in San Pedro

Created by Tyler Gahagan on 02/02/2011 09:10 am

The second half of our trip to Belize was spent in the city of San Pedro on the Caye Ambergris. Caye Ambergris is one of a series of tiny islands off the coast of Belize. The little city doesn’t share the same beauty as the jungle but the beaches are a great place to relax and the water is picture perfect.

We took a tiny 14 seat plane to the Caye from the municipal airport on the mainland. It’s weird to get on a plane without showing ID - we received a boarding pass that was just a laminated piece of paper that says boarding pass and nothing else, and where people are strategically placed so as to evenly distribute their weight. I swear we almost didn’t get off the ground in time. 

We stayed in a sweet condo a couple miles south of town. The complex had its own dock that we were able to swim & snorkel off of. The water here is about 80 degrees. The pool feels like 60 degrees, so I stuck to swimming in the salt water.

The first day we went on a dive and snorkel adventure with Patojo’s dive shop, a local guy recommended to my Mom by a colleague of hers. We saw a bunch of cool stuff, including two huge eels, nurse sharks, stingrays, a turtle, and a ton of colorful fish. 

The first dive was only to a 40 foot depth, because it was a combo excursion with divers & snorkelers. A couple of days later we went on a divers only trip, so we got to go outside the barrier reef to a depth of 70’. This was the deepest I’ve ever gone so it was a little unnerving, until I got down there. If you haven’t ever dived before, do it! It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. To be literally out of one’s element is unexplainably fun. The highlights of the deeper dive were that we saw a couple lionfish (very poisonous to the touch), a ton of huge grouper fish (big ugly swimmers, and tasty too), but nothing beat the friendly nurse shark that kept following us around like a dog. He was about 5 feet long and very curious.

These things don’t get a lot of camera time on Shark Week because of the low death toll; that is why I used to have no respect for nurse sharks, they were the sissies of the species, but now I sort of like them.

The town of San Pedro is very nice. There are lots of restaurants, gift shops, and other various merchants. The economy rests solely on tourism and you can tell the place is pretty impoverished. However, I was surprised that we didn’t see a single person begging for handouts. Everyone had something to sell and most of the stuff was pretty nice. There are no cars on the whole island; everyone drives around in golf carts, which speaks to the size of the place.

If you like eating fish, this is the place to be. I’m not a big seafood guy, but when it’s as fresh as it was there, it’s hard not to enjoy it. I wanted to have ceviche with every meal.

Seeing as how this blog is on a construction website, I took a couple of shots showing the means and methods of the islanders for scaffolding & shoring.  







 Aside from looking at fish and eating fish my time was well spent (see evidence below)

All in all it was a great trip. As I write this I’m flying into Dallas where the weather is supposed to be 16˚F. What the hell was I thinking getting on this plane!

See you soon America.  


A New Twist on Twain and Huck Finn

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/01/2011 02:42 pm

Jon Clinch takes a crack at what Huckleberry Finn's father might have been like. This page-turner is dark and chilling. I read it right after finishing "Huck" and I think that helped to establish the context.

I give this one a "thumbs up."

A Blast from the Past

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/01/2011 02:38 pm

I hadn't read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn since about 6th grade and it was great to read it from an adult perspective. This is still one of the greatest works of American Literature.

The Emperor of Ocean Park - Stephen L. Carter

Created by Robert Boucher on 02/01/2011 02:33 pm

I enjoyed this book with its twists and turns and intrigue but it took me forever to slog through it. I give it about a 6.5 out of 10.

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