It's the Big Dance baby !!!

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The Final 4

It came down a dream match-up of two of the most storied programs in college basketball history with Kentucky's young guns were just too much for a game group of Jayhawks,  After winning what was arguably a bigger game against in-state rival Louisville, Kentucky was played a spectacular first half and a serviceable second half to claim their 9th National Championship.

Becky Davis, the pride of BRS Architects and the University of Nebraska, followed up a strong 2011 performance with a convincing 2012 victory and her name has been added to the Master of March Madness trophy.  Ryan Shope held off Tyler Gahagan for 2nd place while Courtney Wetsell and Scott Kelly rounded out the money list. 

Thanks again to all 26 Bracketologists for another great tournament !!!

Sweet 16 / Great 8

... and then there were 4.  Kentucky vs Louisville in an in-state rivalry that may be as big as the tournament for some.  Kansas vs Ohio State in a battle of the bigs, Big 10 vs Big 12.  (Never mind the fact that neither conference has the right number of teams)

In our little test of skills we have a new leader in the Clubhouse...  Becky Davis, who was in the money last year, slowly worked her way up the Leader Board and will spend the week with a view from the top.  Tyler Gahagan clawed his way into second place followed by Paul Eblen and Ryan Shope.  On the other hand, we can't divide up the money yet because we have 8 possible scenarios and the "Fab Four" will be broken up in all of them.

The truth is that the Master of march Madness has come down to two... Herb Knienem and Becky Davis.  Herb has all of his chips on those Kansas Jayhawks while Becky will take the prize if anyone but Kansas cuts down the nets in New Orleans.  If you want to know where you stand take a look at the Player Scenario Report.

The road to the final 4 has come to an end.  Now let's see who wins it all...

Round of 32

Well Saturday and Sunday didn't disappoint as we narrowed the field to 16.   Buckeyes, Bobcats, Musketeers and Bearcats...  That's four, count 'em four, teams from the Great State of Ohio.  Forget the November elections, Ohio has become the "Swing State" for this tournament.

Paul (Orange) Eblen remains on top of the Leader Board with David (Go Gators) Garese and Herb (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) Knieriem right behind him.  Beware... Ryan Shope and Kris Jensen are hanging around the top and both Kentucky and NC State have looked VERY strong.

On to the Sweet 16 we go !!!

Round of 64 -- Day 2

If you had Lehigh or Norfolk State you're a genius or you're completely nuts.  Either way, your bracket would be smokin' hot !!!  

The "madness" took over on Day 2 and so did Kris Jensen, rising to the top of the Leader Board in spite of his beloved BYU Cougars bowing out.  Paul Eblen and Ryan Shope are close behind but Mizzou's early exit could come back to haunt all three of our leaders.

If you make it through today with your Final Four in tact you'll be in pretty good shape to see some winnings...

Round of 64 -- Day 1

Well, we're off...  It was a quiet first day by Madness standards with only two mild upsets...  Colorado and VCU advanced but the first day belonged to the selection committee.  Will day two follow suit  ???  Did you pick the big upset or did you play it close to the vest ??? Remember, in our pool it's not only how many games you win it's which games you win !!!

Congrats to Steve Humason and Paul Stukas for taking a lead into the clubhouse. Click here to check the Leader Board.  


It's hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing some "expert" filling out their bracket.  Even Barak Obama had an ESPN special to let the world know that he's got North Carolina winning it all.  As far as our picks go it looks like Kentucky is the popular choice.

More to come...

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