Rivercats Night 2010 -- Don't Miss it....

Created by Scott on 07/14/2010 11:00 am

It's that time again...  Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and a night at the Ball Park courtesy of our friends at Excel.

  • Thursday, September 2nd
  • Tailgate Party @ 5:30 pm (details to follow)
  • First Pitch @7:05 pm

It's first come first serve baby to RSVP to Heather !!!

Not really roughing it...

Created 07/25/2010 09:00 am

The 5th Annual Family Camp-Out was a rousing success !!! 

This was our third year at the Sly Park Recreation Area with a campsite set about 100 yards above Jenkins Reservoir.  Folks drifted in and out throughout the weekend with 35 campers. day-campers and 10 dogs dining in style on tri-tip, chicken, ribs, sausage and all the fix'ns at the annual Dan-Roy-B-Que on Saturday night.  As usual, Dan had plenty of help from his faithful sous chef's Dave Edwards and Brian Hartsough but everyone pitched in one way or another... even if it was only with bad advice !!!

The weekend included horse-shoes, washer toss, cribbage, tubing, swimming, a sea kayak, a canoe and an adult beverage or two.  One very noticeable change was the marked increase in travel trailers, a trend that reduced the number on tents pitched and no doubt the number of sore backs on Monday morning.

Thanks to all who made this happen and to all who came and made it special...  Wanna see some more ???  Click here to visit our photo galley,

The Bouchers are Visiting Canada

Created by Robert on 07/16/2010 03:00 pm

Heidi, Daniel and I are up here visiting family. I haven't been here since 1982 and I'd forgotten what a great place it is. Maybe we should open a branch office here. Clearly OSHA is not in Canada - this crazy "scaffolding" scheme is ubiquitous around the city.

We got to see where all of the Olympic stuff happened and we've just been hanging out enjoying the great weather. Yesterday we walked along the waterfront, checking out the yachts and seaplanes. Today we took a nice hike.

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A big win for us !!!

Created 07/14/2010 10:00 am

It's never easy.  Well sometime it is but this wasn't one of those times...

After ending up on top among 13 written proposals, ranking first among 6 "short listed" teams in a staff interview process and finally being selected by the City Council from a field of 3 finalists, we are officially on our way as the design-builder for Oakley's new Fire Station No. 93.

Teaming with our friends at GRA we out gunned or at least outlasted some outstanding teams from the Sacramento area as well as some national firms.  We also leveraged many of the relationships, make that friendships, that we have formed with the Oakley family.

Kudos to Mark and Robert for leading our effort and special thanks to Lynol Calderon.  El Jeffe was the chief information gatherer, hand shaker and baby kisser throughout the process.  He was also the leadoff speaker at the staff presentation where he booted a couple of jokes but did a bang-up job of reminding them what he and The Ascent Way are all about.

Mayor Calderon...  that has a certain ring to it...

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A house built of straw can be a good thing...

Created 07/02/2010 01:00 pm

Architectural Record

By B.J. Novitski  

Bailed straw can also be used in construction without any processing at all.  One recent example is Oak Lodge, a Jesuit retreat in the Sierra Foothills, designed by Emeryville, California–based Siegel & Strain Architects and constructed by Ascent Builders of Sacramento, California

The designers chose straw-bale construction partly for its high insulating capacity, making evaporative cooling viable during very hot, dry summers.  Eliminating mechanical refrigeration reduces the building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. Moreover, according to principal Henry Siegel, FAIA, the stucco on the interior and exterior provide substantial thermal mass and shear resistance to earthquakes. The bales are so tightly bound that they are effectively fire-resistant.

At Oak Lodge, the straw bale is infill in a two-story, post-and-beam structure, held in place by rebar and heavy wire mesh. The bales come directly from nearby rice fields where, until recently, they would have been burned as waste. 

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