BAGS O'Glass

Created by Robert Boucher on 10/20/2010 12:00 am


 Bagatelos Architectural Glass, known fondly as BAGS, has become a West Coast Glass and Glazing powerhouse in a short ten years.  Powered by Nick and Chris Bagatelos and a crack staff of Designers, Managers and Craftsmen, this Sacramento based company has taken on significant regional projects such as the Sacramento Airport, Thunder Valley Hotel, Citizen Hotel and the upcoming Sutter Medical Expansion.

We had the opportunity to view their office and fabrication facility and witnessed many LEAN construction principals in action, from a LEAN process improvement chart in the fabrication area to a LEAN Value Stream Map meeting in the offices.  State of the art machines from Germany and Canada create precise parts and fitment.  A new test facility is under construction to test curtain walls for several new projects.  A recycled water system utilizes water from the testing and rainwater for water conservation.  Solar power is a focus of BAGS and they have many samples of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) installed and operating.  They have a roof mounted solar system that supplies 100% of their electrical consumption.

  Thanks to Nick and Chris for the great tour and sharing some information!  

Hangin' with the neighbors...

Created by Scott Kelly on 10/15/2010 01:00 pm


So you want to get the ear of the AIA ???  Well, move-in with them...  That wasn't exactly the plan when we purchased 1400 S Street but it sure is one of the benefits !!!

October's AIA Central Valley Chapter Board Meeting ended with a twist as we rolled in with some refreshments.  It was a great opportunity to spend some down time with friends, both old and new, thanks to Directors (and neighbors) Don Comstock and Kimberly Anderson.  No sales pitches, just cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and some friendly chat.

Thanks to all for a fun time... we're looking forward to many more !!!

Ascent Builders in the LEED again

Created by Phil Wonders on 10/04/2010 05:00 pm

 Ascent Builders is proud to say that the State of California Department of Rehabilitation and Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations Unit projects in Stockton, CA have been awarded LEED® Silver by the United States Green Building Council.

Mahesh Khatwani, the project's developer, was obligated to meet the State of California's Green Building Order which requires that all projects over 10,000 square feet be certified as LEED® Silver.  Having selected Ascent as his design builder, he also gave us the opportunity to act as his LEED®  consultant, mapping out an overall strategy, coordinating the compliance effort and ultimately submitting for and receiving the certification.

While we are very proud to of the result we are equally proud of the team that collaborated on the entire process.  In addition to MK Capital Groups and the Department of General Services the team included L Street Architects, Sigma Engineering, Air Systems of Sacramento and Rex Moore Electrical Contractors & Engineers. 

Catching up with LPAS

Created by Scott Kelly on 10/01/2010 08:00 am


 We had a great time catching up with the folks over at LPAS yesterday.  There's nothing better than ending the day with a couple of drinks, some hors d'oeuvres and a chance to just chat.  The folks at LPAS are understandably proud of their amazing portfolio of work and it was fun to get to know a bit more about the people making it happen.

Our thanks to Theresa, Carl, Curtis, Ron, Sandra and Matt for welcoming us and sharing their perspectives on the market, the business and their view of what's ahead...

Ascent NFL Week No. 8

Created by The Comishes on 10/26/2010 08:00 am


11/2 @ 9:30

Nothing new to report other than to confirm Dan's big week...

11/1 @ 7:30

We have a winner !!!  The NFL turned upside down in Week 8 and Dan Roy had it wired.   Dan emerged from the carnage with 10 wins which won the week and moved him up 4 spots in the Race for the Porker.  Combine that with a Packers win and our resident "Cheese Head" had a banner weekend !!!

Ascent NFL Week No. 7

Created by The Comishes on 10/19/2010 08:00 am


10/24 @ 10:00pm

Look at Co-Comish Mindt go!!!  He's on the verge of his second winning week and he's vaulted to the top of the overall standings!!!  I mean, the Giants win the pennant and the Steelers win after an officiating debacle in Miami... Face it, he's on a roll.

Kris Jensen and Greg Samelson could force a tie-breaker with a Dallas win tonight but come on...  other than those two nuts, who actually thinks Dallas can get out of their own way and win???  18 of the 33 players in this weeks pool, that's who!!!

Don't look now but the Co-Comishes are now 1 and 2 overall.  Let the charges of front office corruption start in earnest !!!

10/26 @ 8:00am

Look at that proud smile as Russ hands himself the money !!!

Ascent NFL Week No. 6

Created by The Comishes on 10/12/2010 08:00 am


10/18 @ 10:00pm

After all of the build-up it was a dud...  Jacksonville's less that scintillating performance made "the under" the right call and put Chris Simas and George Osborne in the winners circle.  In a way this is a win-win since Chris will likely use his half of the pot to pay off what he owes on Cowboys bets...

Turning our attention to the overall standings we have a new leader as Scott "I hate Texas" Kelly rebounds from a bleak Saturday to take a turn atop the pack.  We should also note that the season standings have now been adjusted for the bye week, so the totals represent each players best 5 weeks to date.

On to Week no. 7...

10/18 @ 11:00am

OK, we're going to do our best to clarify what could be a barn-burner of an end to Week No. 6...  At this point 9 players still have a chance to win the week but if Tennessee wins that drops to 4.  A Jacksonville victory would result in the tie-breaker to end all tie-breakers.

Here's a recap of the points and the possibilities...

If Tennessee wins

  • Score of less than 41 means Simas and Osborne split the pot  
  • 42 means that Kelly, Simas and Osborne split the pot
  • 43 - 45 Kelly wins outright
  • 46 means Kelly and Seegert split the pot
  • 47 or more makes Seegert the winner outright

If Jacksonville wins  

  • Score of less than 39 means Simas, Osborne and Eblen split the pot  
  • 40 means that Mindt is the man
  • 41 is a split between Mindt and Val Shope
  • 42 or 43 points would make Val the outright winner
  • 44 or 45 makes Kelly the winner
  • 46 would split the pot between Kelly and Seegert
  • 47 or more and Seegert claims the title

Are you ready for some football ???

10/19 @ 8:00am

Well Chris Simas and George Osborne took the title this week.  George wasn't available but we did have this rare shot of Chris "the unknown Cowboy" Simas...

Ascent NFL Week No. 5

Created by The Comishes on 10/05/2010 07:00 am


10/11 @ 8:00

Good morning sports fans... Well Week No. 5 is all over but the shouting as David "Don't talk to me about USC Football" Bentley has locked things up with 8 wins going into tonight's action.  That's right, all of the leaders have the Jets tonight so we're all just playing out the string.

In the Race for the Porker Irish Tyler Gahagan continues to lead in the overall standings but no one has managed to open up any space at the top.  Remember that we are playing with a bye week this year so starting with Week No. 9 we'll be publishing the leader board with the bye week factored in...

10/12 @ 8:00

Nothing new to report as the Jets took care of business (well sort of) last night.  The Pick 'em page for Week No. 6 is up and ready to go...

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