First Ever Ascent Car Show

Created by Robert Boucher on 11/03/2011 08:00 am

Wow, what a great time! I've been so busy with "real work" that I haven't had a chance to blog about the car show. The event happened way back on October 1st. Some of the Ascent team were a little tentative about it and a few of my cohorts admitted later that they only showed up to give me a shoulder to cry on when the event went down in flames. After all, how often does a general contractor have a car show?

Check out the photos HERE

Well, when Albert Molinari fired up his crazy Nova to pull it off of the trailer (and wake everyone in our zip code) we sensed that everything would be okay.

Big thanks go out to the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange and the AIA for sharing their space with us.

The weather was perfect and we had a great mix of cars from the crowd pleasers to my sad little BMW. One crazy thing is that we had two American Motors vehicles but no Chrysler products.

Here's the roster: 

Kris Barkley (Dreyfuss & Blackford) likes red German cars - Sleek Audi A5S and Porsche 944

Rich Blodgett (Contra Costa Electric) - '85 BMW 635 CSI

Lori Bluett (Juno Commercial Real Estate) - '62 Chevy Nova - did you check out that cool built-in Kleenex box? 

Larry Booth (FM Booth) - Hey, there's a Corvette motor in my '69 Camaro!!

Lane Borges (Borges Architectural Group) - Lamborghini Gallardo - very exotic!

Robert Boucher (Ascent Builders) - Multi-colored work-in-progress BMW 2002

Ted Bria (West Coast Fire) - Tubby the '62 Rambler Convertible... and a brand new Mustang GT

Mike Buschow (GRA Architecture) - '67 Beetle

Lynol Calderon (Ascent Builders) - Lynol couldn't get the Porsche out of the paint shop so he brought his tricked out Harley

Juli Conrad - This Volvo wasn't deterred by our disrespectful invitation

Dan Fenocchio (Cunningham Engineering) - Very clean Porsche 911

John Frisch (Cornish & Carey) - Sweet '65 GTO

Jim King (CB Richard Ellis) - Nothing like a block-long Caddy Eldo

Tim Kruse (Kruse Construction) - '68 Camaro. Nice job on the paint work Tim!

Julie Lara (MFDB Architects) - A very clean original '54 Chevy Bel Air

Patty & Larry McElwain (Ascent Builders) - Larry's mid-life Vette

Ian Merker (MFDB Architects) - Ian's grandfather drove the '61 Morris off the showroom floor when it was new

Albert Molinari (Molinari Steel) - Wheel-standing crazy Nova

Jeff O'Brien (Contra Costa Electric) - Road racing Audi Quattro... with a V8 in it

Mark & Ryan Shope (Ascent Builders) - Old school '66 Nova

Peter Saucerman (Dreyfuss & Blackford) - Very nice '57 MGA

Steve Tankersley (Overaa) - It's not every day that you see an AMC Javelin.

Garry Westover (Air Systems) - '40 Ford. Can you say horsepower??

Brian Whitmore (Williams + Paddon) - Very clean '67 Camaro SS

John Youngdahl (Youngdahl Consulting) - The cleanest Ferrari 308 I've ever seen

I don't know about you but I can't wait until next year... and my car may even have a windshield by then.

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