Scott Kelly

Vice President

28 Years Industry Experience
14 Years With Ascent

"It's not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice..."


I grew up in a small town just the way all kids should.  If I wasn’t at school I was around the corner playing whiffle ball, in the street playing football or out front shooting baskets. I had a bike with a banana seat and a sissy bar, I was a Boy Scout and I played Little League baseball.  How good is that !!!  As a senior in High School I was accepted into the engineering program at UC Davis and the school of architecture at Cal Poly SLO.  I was told that you couldn’t play baseball and study architecture at Cal Poly so I was a Cal-Aggie and a civil engineer.

At Davis I studied hard, played ball, went to football games, attended my share of parties and met my wife Michelle.  She’ll tell you that I was in desperate need of help with chemistry but I know she was star struck by a big time college ballplayer living on her floor.  However it started we’ve been best friends ever since.  After college Michelle went on to get her medical degree while I got started with my construction career.

Our two-some is now a five-some as we have two girls and a cocker spaniel named Kirby rattling around our house.  Kendall is a Freshman at Oak Ridge High School and by some accounts the only adult in our family.  She spends her time complaining about her teachers and dreaming about landing a softball scholarship to a Big 10 school.  Camryn is four years younger and she leaves quite an impression.  She specializes in involvement and her interests range from dance and the saxophone to softball, volleyball and swimming...  


Let’s be honest here… who really has a hobby while they’re raising a family ???  If mowing the lawn, loading the car and running off to a ball park somewhere counts then I’m quite a hobbyist.  Actually I spend a lot of time grumbling…  politics, financial markets, the Phillies relief pitching, etc.  I feel like it’s a bit of a gift !!!  “Don’t bother Dad, he’s in the Family Room grumbling in front of the TV”.

On the other hand, there are a few things that are sacred.  Don’t look for me on Saturdays in the Fall because I’m going to be spending my day immersed in Husker football.  If the Phillies are playing I’ll have at least one ear or an eyeball occupied.  I also like to hang out in the back yard, ride bikes with the kids and take walks with Michelle.  I even hope to get reacquainted with my golf bag at some point.


I've been fascinated by building as long as I can remember.  I loved building roads through dirt piles with Tonka trucks and banging boards together with nails.  In college I had a couple of internships with a civil engineering contractor but I found my calling when I landed a summer job with Rudolph and Sletten.

Over the next 14 years I worked my way up the ladder while helping to build everything from pharmaceutical and biotech facilities to semiconductor fabs and office buildings.  Every day was a chance to learn something new, everything we did was state-of-the-art and I embraced it.  I worked with terrific people, we did terrific things and I will always be grateful.  In fact, I figured I would be there my entire career but in 1999 Mark decided to go out on his own and I traded a great job for a great adventure.

Ascent has been the chance to start from scratch and to build a company that combines the best of what we learned with some new and different approaches to planning and service.  Most importantly, it’s given us the chance to assemble a team that reflects the creativity, dedication and character that we value so dearly.  It’s got our fingerprints all over it and I’m proud of that.


  • U.C. Davis, BS Civil Engineering
  • Marysville High (Marysville, CA)


  • Jim Zurbuchen, B&Z Properties
  • Gary Roberts, GRA Architecture
  • David Bentley, Salvation Army
  • Bob Earl, Earl Construction Management
  • Paul Eblen, Silverado Homes
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